Stray dogs need your help, please consider fundraising on their behalf:

  • Set Your Goals High!  While we don't have a set minimum, give yourself an easy goal of $100 or higher! This does not have to be the ceiling for your personal goal; when considering your fundraising goal, set your sights high. We know with the right effort you will not only reach your minimum but surpass it! 

  • Use Your Personal Page. After you register for Sneakers&Strays login and personalize your individual webpage. In your participant centre you can tell your story, explain why you are participating, post a photo, and accept pledges. Using the link to your personal page is an easy way to direct people to your fundraising efforts and keep them up to date on all of your progress and training.

  • Who Can You Ask? Take time and make a list of all the people you know- friends, family, neighbors, co-workers. Go through your address book and friend lists. Think about the people who have asked you for fundraising support before. Don’t leave anyone out. Once you have a list written, write the method by which you will contact each person for a donation. This can include an email, a letter, a fundraising party, or a face-to-face meeting. It is helpful to take some time to write down several things you think will have the most impact with the person you are going to approach. Give them background on your personal motivation, why you’re involved and why it’s worth their time to be involved and donate. It’s all about making them feel empowered about making a difference — big or small.

  • Expand Your Circle. Word of mouth is a great way to increase your fundraising. Give your friends and family extra donation forms (can be printed off the website) to pass out or provide them with your personal online fundraising page. Ask them to talk to people about the event and your participation in it. Ask close friends if they know of anyone who might be interested in pledging you.

  • Spread The Word! Get the word out about What's Your Wild? Include a link to your “Personal Page” in your email signature. Post a note or link to Sneakers&Strays on Facebook, take time to explain the importance of Sneakers&Strays to friends so they can help you solicit others for gifts.

  • Track Your Progress. Use the on-line follow-up tool on your personal page to keep track of your donors so you know who to follow-up with and who to thank. This is a great tool to keep you organized and on target.

  • Follow-Up & Thank Donors. After you have initially contacted people, it is important to follow-up. People these days are busy and are often asked to donate. By making a real effort to get in contact with people, they will know you are serious about this event and cause. Making follow-up phone calls will dramatically improve your fundraising progress.

  • Use Social Media. You'll be surprised at how a request for donation with a direct link to your fundraising page can bring in money. Use status updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to send out your message. Be sure to use a direct link to make it easier for your donors. It's a great way to promote your involvement in Sneakers&Strays but don't overload. You don't want to annoy your friends! Share the message frequently enough so you know a good portion of your friends have seen your status, but not so much that they have seen it 100 times each.

  • Fundraise as a team! Is there someone else you know participating inWhat's Your Wild? Team up and put some fundraisers on together. During registration Participants (individual or relay) and Volunteers may choose to fundraise as an Individual or Join or Create a Fundraising Team. There is strength in numbers! Fundraising Teams can be made up of an unlimited number of registered Sneakers&Strays participants. We encourage every team participant to raise a minimum of $500.
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